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What is a jetted bath tub?

After a long busy day at the office or workplace, the perfect way to relax in the evening is by having a great massage on your body coupled with a hot bath. Jetted Tub Guys has come up with a bath tub that seeks to combine all these in one product, such that the client only has to purchase it and the comfort and relaxation will be all theirs. Jetted Tub Guys has these bath tubs that have a water circulation cycle that releases the hot or warm water into the tub in form of jets that help massage the body.


Types of jetted bath tubs

For the sake of different formats of water circulation, Jetted Tub Guys has developed different forms of jetted bath tubs. Among those from Jetted Tub Guys are the air jet system that has numerous minute tubes that deliver air into the water to create a soothing motion, and the water jet system. The water jet system enable cycle the water continuously so that the water stays warm for long enough, they are also known to create stronger water waves hence the massaging effect is greater and better. The level of water force through which the jets release it with is adjustable to suit the different users of the bath tub.


Cleaning of the jetted bath tub

As all other bath tubs the jetted one is bound to get dirty over the course of its working. This necessitates the cleaning of Jetted Tub Guys jetted bath tubs to avoid blockage of the circulation system and to ensure that the formation of waves is not affected. Jetted Tub Guys has jetted bath tubs with a different level of modification where some are manufactured with a self-cleaning mechanism that mostly prevents growth of mould and bacteria while others require manual cleaning using solutions that help in killing of bacteria and mould. The removal of debris such as hair at the sieve of the jet mouth helps clean it up. Contact us, the experts today by calling 888-669-5520 to order for the delivery of a jetted bath tub that will spice up your bathing time.

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Air jet bath tubs manufactured at Jetted Tub Guys on the other hand are best known for their compatibility in use of baths with additives such as salts and oils to create bath salts and bath oils and can be accessed by contacting 888-669-5520 anytime. Most air jet bath tubs are usually hard to clean manually due to the presence of the minute system of air tubes and openings; it is for this reason that they have an in built self-cleaning system.


Before doing the actual purchasing of a jetted bath tub, one should first of all consider the amount of space present at his or her bathroom since jetted bath tubs are known to consume a larger amount of space than the conventional bath tub. The financial capability in purchase and maintenance of the jetted bath tub should be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that the user does not undergo unnecessary financial stress.

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